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What happens in a psychotherapy session?

There are as many kinds of therapy as there are therapists
Read on to find out what it's like to work with Jo Pang...

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Therapy is a very particular kind of relationship. It is more than just a weekly chat or a place for ‘tea and sympathy’.    It will give you a space to share your innermost thoughts, feelings, fantasies, fears and memories with someone who is compassionate, kind and sensitive to your needs.  In this space we can pause together and really take the time to understand exactly what you are experiencing and how.  Perhaps you can say things you have been too afraid to say and explore aspects of yourself that were too difficult to acknowledge before. 

I offer you more than just the stereotype of the nodding, empathic counsellor.  Our sessions will be alive and engaging.  This will be a genuine relationship and collaboration albeit a professional and boundaried one.  You can expect me to be fully present and open to wherever you are in any given moment, without judgement.  I will be honest with you; in therapy there is no need to conceal how we feel or what we are thinking.  Sometimes things come up that are uncomfortable to talk about.  Therapy can be challenging but also emotionally healing and validating. 

Therapy happens at your pace and in such a way that it is grounded by the strength of our relationship.  We will pay attention to what is concretely experienced during the sessions as well as exploring your past, present and future.  We talk about and go to the places that feel safe for you.  I ask that you be honest with me.  You will know when something feels right or wrong in a session and you may share that knowledge with me so that it can be our guide.  I will be listening in a way that you might not have experienced before, so that you can feel what it’s like to be heard and understood at a level that feels different from everyday interactions.

You will have my commitment and genuine care and concern.  We will explore how you see yourself and make sense of life including the big questions about life itself.  You will have the opportunity to re-evaluate your way of living and create new meanings for old issues.  You may develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and what is important to you.  Only you have the wisdom to decide whether to make a change in your life or what the next step might be, but I will be with you along the way.

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"The first duty of love is to listen"

Paul Tillich

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